Friday, February 12, 2010

I miss my blog...

I should probably post something substantive sometime soon.  And I will.  Soon.

For now, I beg your forgiveness for going almost 2 months without posting and leave you with this picture of adorableness on either side of me:

Gosh, they're cute.  I can't believe that on this day two years ago, we confirmed that we were only 16 days away from going to Ethiopia to get Melkamu.  It's amazing.  2 years.

Jason was just saying that he can't really remember what we did when it was just the three of us.  Neither can I.  I have lots of memories of specific events when it was just Jason, Patrick, and I, but our day-to-day lives without Melkamu...I just can't even remember what they were like.  We are certainly the luckiest of parents to have such wonderful children who fill our lives with so much joy.