Thursday, November 8, 2007


Sorry all! I know that I started this blog to keep you updated but, since there's been nothing, I haven't been updating.

We've been waiting for 2 months as of November 6th. That's perfectly normal since our agency told us it would probably be 3-6 months until we get a referral. Time is passing quickly in some aspects, but it still feels like forever. I suppose that's because we've been openly talking about adopting for almost 2 years but didn't start the process until the end of February 2007. It's been just over 8 months since we sent our initial application to CHS.FS, not long at all.

We continue to keep our eye on the waiting child lists, but the only boys on there now are either older than Patrick or less than a year younger than he is--we want our boys at least a year apart so they won't be in the same grade.

It is frustrating because I've got an opportunity to take on a couple of extra classes in the spring during normal hours when Patrick's in daycare anyway, and the moneywould be very helpful when it comes to travel expenses (which will probably be over $5000). They're classes I'm already teaching, so there wouldn't be any extra prep time--just the time I spend in class and grading.

I don't want to do it if we're going to be travelling in the spring for a couple of reasons:

1. My schedule as it currently stands is perfect for bringing home our son. He'd only have to be in daycare two days a week, and probably not full days either day.

2. My schedule as it currently stands is as good as it gets for the possibility of getting permission to travel from my department chair. I can find subs for nearly all of my classes quite easily and can probably videotape the lecture for my pharmacology class (there's no one else who could cover the class, as I'm the only one who teaches it), or even reschedule it if necessary.

I spoke to my agency contact person and she really can't predict when we'll get a referral and so it's a tough decision, because she completely understands the financial pressures of adoption. She did assure me that if we need to, we can travel after the semester ends. And I know that Jason can travel on his own if we were to get a referral early next year and not want to wait until May to bring him home. One of the reasons we chose Ethiopia is because only one parent has to travel and, since I'm a contract employee, I might not be able to travel and still have a job the next semester.

Since I carry the family health insurance, I have to keep my job.

I've already said I will teach the lab. That one is Monday afternoons. I may also agree to teach the lecture, which is Monday and Wednesday mornings. Up until now, I had NO classes on Mondays and my only Wednesday class is an anatomy lab that starts at 7:30 p.m. My other three classes are Tuesday and/or Thursday. So it's a lot of classes but not a bad schedule.

I just hate the idea of potentially getting a referral in December or January and having to wait until May to bring our son home. But we do need the money.


Laura said...

Let's plan something that will only require air travel if sitting on a swing... a play date. Nothing helps to pass the time like slides and sandboxes. Oh yeah, we can bring the kids.

Handlyrics said...

I second laura. Let me know and we can have a small gathering.