Thursday, January 3, 2008

A few quick pictures

Since I've been remiss in posting pictures of Patrick, here are some from the previous few months!
My boy is a born horseman! (Now, to convince Jason that we need a horse...)

He was also the cutest little Darth Vader for Halloween that you've ever seen--or couldn't really see, as it is.

Patrick loves the zoo, especially asserting his dominance over the lions.

He had a fabulous time at joint birthday party at Imagym with two of his friends--and the other 15 kids in the class, as well as assorted other friends. (I would post more pictures, but I don't want to post the other children without their parents' permission.)

Naturally, he had to have a Darth Vader cake. Should I be worried that my son has already chosen the Dark Side?

The big hit for Christmas was the radio-controlled car that Santa got for Patrick and Jason--Santa sure knows what her...ahem, his people want! It took another 10 minutes before any other presents got opened. Go, Santa!

Patrick had a great playdate at the Botanical Gardens with two of his friends last week--and all of us mom's had a great time, too!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2008 is beginning on a positive note!

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