Sunday, September 21, 2008

A few tidbits

We went out recently to celebrate Enkutatash, the Ethiopian New Year. Admittedly, we didn't go out to celebrate until two days afterwards because it fell mid-week, but we still had a lovely time and really enjoyed our lunch. Ignore the goldfish on Melkamu's side--they were a pre-lunch snack. The injera and kik alicha on the table are always his favorites while we're there (as was evidenced on the table right in front of him).

I can make decent injera, after a bunch of unsuccessful tries, and will be trying kik alicha soon. My doro wat isn't bad. I need to try some new recipes, though! It's hard when Patrick won't eat Ethiopian food (he's tried it...once), but I still make it. The rest of us like it. Patrick can eat some Cheerios or PB&J.


Melkamu's starting to use the potty! I won't go into potty-training details here (because I know some of you might be reading this on your lunch breaks and also...eww), but I intend to have him do Na.ked W.eek over my winter break. Or, given that it will be winter--yes, even in Atlanta it gets chilly upon a December morn--perhaps Half-Dressed Week. It worked wonders with Patrick and since Kamu wants to use the potty, we'll give it a go. Until then, we'll continue with trying the potty several times a day, with lavish praise anytime he actually uses it. And since he'll let us know when he needs to use it sometimes, we'll continue to watch for signals.


I'm supposed to be writing a test. I don't want to write a test. If I write the test, I'll have to grade the test. Actually, if I write one test, I'll have to grade 38 of them. Why can't my money return that kind of investment? Why don't I have money to invest? Why would I want to invest money in this kind of market?


This is where my tests will be graded. My office*. I have to find time to review the pile of textbooks on the left corner of the picture. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to do that. This is the second weekend that I've brought one of them home, and the second weekend that I've utterly failed to even take the shrink-wrap off it. Have I mentioned that I also need to write a lecture for tomorrow? I'm not sure when I'm going to do that either. It's almost midnight. I have choir rehearsal tomorrow night. Heroes starts their new season tomorrow night while I'm at choir. And my DVR isn't working. Is it wrong to skip choir rehearsal to watch a TV show?

Probably. Alas.


We went to the zoo today. We love the zoo. The new lion cubs were on display--they were as boring to watch as the adult lions. Zonked out. But they were cute. Our new baby panda, while still too young to be on display, is also very cute. Patrick had cotton candy for the first time. It validated our decision not to give him cotton candy before now--or ever again. While it was lovely to see how quickly he managed to clean up all of his toys when we got home today, the hyper child who kept running through my Bradley class this evening is someone we'd like to avoid in the future.

*Lest you worry that the poster in my office is one of those sappy motivational posters, rest assured that it's not.


Jess said...

You are all so stinkin' cute! I'm glad you're having a lot of family's cool that you're incorperating Kamu's culture into your family that way. LOVE it!! I'm all about celebrating biology! :)

Good luck with all the work stuff!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up.