Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh the weather outside was frightful, but now it's so delightful

And since we've got flowers to grow,
Go cold, go
Go cold, go
Go cold, go.

It was 16 degrees on Wednesday, with a windchill of about 0. In Atlanta. It reminded me of why I left New York, and made me consider moving to Rio.

Today, Friday, it was about 23 when I left for work. It almost felt balmy. I was inside all day and when I came out--IT WAS 63!!! And the forecast shows it being sunny and warm for the next 5 days. I may survive winter yet.

I did promise pictures, didn't I?
Here is the new carrier that I made for Melkamu, since my old one was lost when my diaper bag got lost. I LOVE it. It's so pretty, but not so girly that I feel weird carrying a boy around in it. Jason said it looks like designer jeans, which is exactly what I was going for. And it works perfectly. I can carry my 30+ pound toddler in it so comfortably. It's so much fun to pull it out, because he giggles and shrieks and can't wait to be in it.
Um, that wasn't the kind of picture you wanted? Huh.
Is this better?
What about this?
Oh fine, I'll give you a video to tide you over until next time. And now that my camera seems to be recharging properly, I can take more than 5 pictures this month!


Jess said...

LOL at your boys!! SO cute!

I like the one of Melkamu eating the fig newton (I think) looks like he thinks you interrupted. :)

(And we have that hands free baby gate...LOVE IT, no?)

Diane said...

Is the carrier like a bjorn? Man, my 30 lb toddler is wearing me out. But, on the bright side, I'm buffer than ever!

ErinM said...

Diane, it's patterned on an Ergo carrier. I used it as a front carry when Melkamu was first home and now use it exclusively as a back carrier. He sits at my waist, basically on my hips, which is much better than a Bjorn (we had one when Patrick was a baby). It keeps my center of gravity the same and doesn't pull on the shoulders the way the Bjorn does.

Man, I'm impressed you can carry Atticus in the Bjorn--I gave it up as too painful once Patrick passed 17 lbs!

Marcy Pett said...

Ok - Mrs. Seuss, here is my comment. Love the blog, and seeing the kids and your stories. And I too may have to hunt you down for a new carrier in a year when my little one has outgrown the Bjorn.