Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is up with Atlanta's weather lately???

Look who came to visit this weekend! (Those are my parents, for those who've never met them.)

Look what they brought!
Guess which kids have managed to lose 3 of their collective 4 mittens?
Guess which kids had too much fun throwing snowballs to care?
The snowball fight with our next-door neighbors was lots of fun.
I would like to say that, while the snow was fun, I am very thankful that it will be back up to 70 by Friday. And just 3 inches of snow makes me wonder how rational people can move from Atlanta to places like...oh, I don't know...Minnesota. You know, just as a random thought for people whose names happen to start with an "R" and end with an "achel".

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Rachel said...

Should you want to bring your family and try it out for a year or two, we will provide a fabulous house-warming gift...your very own collection of ice tools--including the all important shovel to chip frozen dog poop from the yard in the winter months...I know you're seriously considering it now;)