Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ye olde rocking goode time

was had by all the Morrey family at the Renaissance festival a few weeks ago. We love going there each year.

A few years ago, Patrick fell in love with the queen, who stopped to chat with him for a while, and seeing the royal couple is always a highlight for him.

He's been knighted the past two years; this year, Melkamu joined him to be knighted.

We go for the fun shows...

...the archery...

...the rides...

...and, of course, the jousting!
Normally you can't find an Ent when you need one, but there are always a couple at the Renaissance Festival!
Patrick has been enjoying using the camera lately (thank goodness for digital cameras!) and so there are actually some pictures of Jason and I together!
Jason's a bit of a ham sometimes :-)
I love how Kamu is so joyously peering through this cutout!

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