Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They grow up so quickly

Cliched or not, it is definitely true. These two kids have had a big week!

Kamu, who was already a star at potty training, is no longer wearing a diaper at night! He's been dry every single night for the last week (although I have now jinxed it and will find myself washing sheets in the morning).
We also had another spate of reactive airway disorder. It had been so long since he'd had any trouble breathing that I had actually packed away the nebulizer on a Saturday. Monday, he woke up wheezy and by that afternoon he was needing treatments every 3 hours and was put back on steroids. Thankfully it cleared up with those medications and we didn't end up in the hospital again. It was especially scary since I have absolutely NO idea what triggered it.
He also started back at daycare and has the same teacher, though he has moved up to the older 2's room. His teacher gushed over how happy she is to hear his little voice and said he is talking up a storm at school! He's also ridiculously tall and has been mistaken for a 4-year old several times recently. (Look at the arms and legs on this kid!)
And Patrick...well, Patrick started kindergarten! Here he is with his teacher on the first day of school. When he came home from school and I asked him how his day was, he said "I had TOO good a time, Mama!" I've been dropping him off in the mornings (next week we'll start carpooling with our neighbors and switching weeks for drop-offs) and he takes the bus home in the afternoons. He LOVES riding the bus and is always happy and bouncy about what they did at school.

Jason's been home to get him at the bus stop but today I got home early enough to be there also. I can't even begin to tell you how surreal it was to watch my baby hop off the bus. I thought it was strange to drop him off at school, since I pull up to the curb and he walks himself into his classroom, with his Superman backpack and Scooby Doo lunchbox. But watching him get off the bus was so bizarre. I remember seeing kids get off the bus at the stop across the street while I was pregnant with him; now he's the kid who hops off first when the bus stops at the corner.
My babies are so big and wonderful and amazing. They continually astound me with how much they do. I am the luckiest of mamas.

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