Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sometimes things just work out right

1. Jason got a job!!!  I think most of you already know, but he will be working for a private company who contracted with the Department of Labor to deal with immigration and visa issues of some sort or another.  We're really excited and he starts on March 8th.  It was a tough year with only me employed but we made it through to the other side and hope he really enjoys his job.

2.  Purim: the kids tied for first place in the boy's costume contest!  Melkamu is a hamentaschen and Patrick is a grogger (with bags of beans inside so that he really rattles).  Aren't they cute?

2. Remembering all the events of 2 years ago, when we were in Ethiopia.  I am so thrilled that we have already had Melkamu for 2 years.  Still, I get a sharp pain in my heart wanting to be back there and hope that we will plan a trip in the near future.  Anyone want to go?

3. We've been seeing the first signs in Melkamu of awareness of how he came into our family.  We talk about adoption openly and honestly at home, and read books about it, but he'd never responded to them any differently than any other story.  We keep a picture of his firstmom on his dresser, so he knows her face and who she is, but I don't think he'd really connected the ideas before.  We'd recently mentioned that he came out of Aachie's (Hadiyaan for Mommy) tummy like Patrick came out of mine, and he seemed a little surprised but didn't say anything.  Yesterday, though, I was showing him the lifebook that our agency made for us and there are pictures of his firstmom in there, as well as other family members, and he reacted with some surprise when he saw a picture of himself being nursed.  Then he wanted to close the lifebook and didn't want to see it anymore.  So we did.  He's right at about the age that we'd heard he might start making connections and understanding a little more, and we'll go along with what he needs.  We won't push it but we will make it available and talk about it easily with him.

4. On a related note, I'm hoping that I have a new line on a searcher to find his first family.  Wish us luck!

5. Patrick got a better progress report this week, so we went to his Green-Eggs-and-Ham school breakfast this morning.  It was fun (aside from the taste of elementary school-style scrambled eggs).  I promised that if he does even better this week and his progress report shows it, I will go eat lunch with him next Tuesday.  Here's hoping!  He's so bright but such a little perfectionist.  When I asked him why he wasn't finishing his work (and know very well that it's not an academic issue) he said "Well, they kept being a little crooked..."  Aargh!

6. The kids are just really, really cute.


Jess said...

Congrats to Jason!

The kids ARE really cute! I love their costumes! And the sleeping pic? ADORABLE.

Wendy said...

So many comments - Yeah! for Jason and your whole family. It is tough when one is out of work (and not just financially). Yes! The kids are very cute! What's Purim? We haven't had any of the signs re first family that you wrote about with Melkamu, but I'm wondering if that is in part because we don't have a bio child?? I want to hear more about this first family search. For personal reasons. E-mail me off line. Take care!

wilisons said...

OMG, the BEST costumes ever and a matched pair to make it even better. Libby wouldn't wear a costume, not to school or the the carnival even though she wore dress ups all weekend when at home.

Libby has also been talking alot about adoption lately. She seems to be very interested about when she "grewed little and was a baby" and we came to adopt her. Her main focus of the moment seems to be on when we met her at the baby house. We do talk about growing in Yulia's tummy sometimes too but not her main area of interest.

Good luck searching for Melkamu's Frist Family. I sure hope you can make contact! I think I will be trying again as soon as the searcher actually heads to N. Kaz.


trmills said...

Those are the cutest costumes on the cutest boys. So thankful for good provision in your family. And I love the family picture in the post below.