Sunday, June 20, 2010

11th, Father's, day of sick kids

Patrick threw up tonight, then fell asleep at the top of the stairs (panicking Jason and I when we saw him there). After throwing up in his bed, he went to watch a movie in my bed. After the movie, he threw up again--at which point Melkamu came in saying "Ow ow ow" and holding his stomach.

I know you come here to read about my childrens' upset GI tracts.

In happier news, it's Father's Day! We celebrated by making Jason Star Wars pancakes for breakfast, then the kids and Jason went for a walk in The Big Forest near our house (and Jason informed me that there's a wild blackberry thicket there, hooray!). After they cleaned up a bit, we went to lunch and then Patrick bought a new bicycle--two wheels, no training wheels. He's not quite ready to ride it but we'll work on that when he's feeling a little better.

It's also our 11th anniversary! Eleven years ago today, on Father's Day of 1999, I married the love of my life. We've had such a wonderful time over the last 11 years, with such a great family...I can't imagine any other life that could make me happier than the family we've built together.

*Happy sigh*

And since you've been forced to read about my children being sick and my sappy sweet tribute to my husband, who brought me a dozen beautiful white roses today, I will treat you to some pictures of my kids when they were NOT sick.

Patrick is teaching Melkamu to use the computer--they both like PBS Kids a lot.

In this perspective, Melkamu looks like a giant...oh wait, he IS a giant. I just took out the 5T clothes for him to wear.

Patrick: "Mama, did you see the picture Daddy took of my pretzel rings?" Hmmm. Note to self--keep Jason away from the camera.

Patrick's love of constructing different things on the steps often comes out during quiet time.

The lack of pants never hinders Melkamu from painting a picture of a train.

Kamu took this picture of Patrick catching a firefly. Awesome, isn't it?

They were awfully sweet out there, catching fireflies in their matching jammies.

We're having a fantastic summer, with a lot of laughter and fun so far!

I have to warn you, next time I'm posting pictures of all of my canning--spaghetti sauce, strawberry and blackberry jams and, coming soon, Mom M's pickles.

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Jess said...

Adorable pics!!

Starwars pancakes??? HILARIOUS! I've never seen such a thing!

M is the same age as Ethan, roughly, right? He's almost in 5t, too!! Our sons ARE giants!