Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The lazy photoblogging day

Some of them are kind of old but here they are!

Kamu and Grandma

Both kids and Grandpa

The kids out playing on a white Christmas!  This was not the horrible ice/snow storm from January, thankfully.

Kamu likes to cuddle and our blue chair is excellent for that.  He's been particularly cuddly lately (I don't think he's quite ready to stop being the baby of the family).  I think I'm around 30 weeks in this picture, but it's hard to see anything.

Patrick's packed on some pounds of muscle lately, and he and Melkamu occasionally enjoy playing "horsie".  (It's also good that Melkamu's legs are long enough that he can reach the ground when he's "riding" Patrick.

Kamu loves his dogs.  Nietzsche isn't doing well (you can see how skinny he is in this picture) and can't walk on his back left leg anymore but doesn't seem to be in pain and is still eating and going up and down stairs, so we're very glad for every day we get with him.

The dogs love Kamu also.  This is how Jason found Kamu and Caesar this morning when we went to wake them up.

OK, you asked for it.  Me at ~26 weeks pregnant.

Me this morning at 36 1/2 weeks pregnant.  If I don't pop soon, I'm going to start growing out of a lot of maternity clothes.


Jess said...

I'm growing out of a lot of mine at 28w! You look fabulous!

Nicole said...

You look fabulous Erin! Love all of the pictures today!

Yo-yo Mama said...

Looking good, darling! Update often now since I have a feeling you might me awfully busy in a couple of weeks!

Emily said...

You look great Erin! I can't wait to hear about your birth!met

Brea said...

You look great, Erin! Yeah for 36 weeks!

trmills said...

I'm so glad to get to see you in full bloom. Really lovely, my friend!

Jennifer said...

The blog needs an Eleanor Desta update!!!