Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gee, waiting is sure fun!

We requested information on a waiting child the other day; however, we found out today that his information is already being reviewed by another family. They will only share the information with one family at a time, so we're discussing things. I told the remarkable Amanda that I had the strangest feeling of something being *right* with this profile. She gave me chills with her answer: "That feeling you are having is no accident…something big is just around the corner." Then they told us that the profile was already being reviewed. And yet, that feeling remains.

There were two other boys who we initially thought met with our age range, so we thought we might look at them. But they were less than a year younger than Patrick (one was 9 months younger and one was 10 months). We were OK with that at first, because they'd be far enough apart that they'd be in different grades in school, then we reconsidered. Our agency prefers at least a year apart--I don't think they would mind so much with a toddler adoption, since Patrick will likely be 4 when his little brother comes home and 4 and 3 are very different than if we'd been caring for a 1-year-old and a newborn. But it just doesn't feel quite right.

There is another little boy, though. His birthday is right before Jason's, which would be a lovely addition to our whole family having birthdays between November and January. He'll be 2 in November. If the other family accepts a referral for the first little boy, we may request his information.

For now, we'll just wait a little longer. But it feels much better to be waiting from the point of having all our clearances approved and our dossier done than it did in June.

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Jess said...

Still so excite for you.

Something big IS right around the corner.