Saturday, December 20, 2008

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*--but worth it for the pictures

Those would be crickets. It's been quiet around here lately, hasn't it? Here was the beginning of December for me:

1. Patrick's birthday = birthday breakfast and dinner at home + cake in school on his birthday + party at the Children's Museum for almost 20 of his friends the next Sunday.

2. End of the semester = many, MANY papers to grade + finals to give + finals to grade + grades to record + students to reassure/console.

3. Lessons and Carols with Emory choir = rehearsals almost every night of the week of Patrick's birthday (except for on his birthday) + concert Friday night + two concerts Saturday.

I know there was more, like Rhianna's baby shower, but those three things took me STRAIGHT THROUGH from December 1st (1st night of Rehearsal Week for Lessons and Carols) to December 15th. Every single day was devoted to one or more of those things.

This past week has been devoted to shoveling out my house from the clutter of two weeks of "Mama's busy with other things" and preparing for the holidays. Then today, I went to an all-day pharmacology seminar. (See, I'm cool!)

Tonight, I finally downloaded the Thanksgiving pictures. Why yes, it is December 20th. Thanksgiving was November 27th, you say? Hmm, how about that. So, you wanna see some pictures? Here's the past three weeks in photos (most of them bad or at least partially blurry; thankfully, our normal camera is functional again):

Melkamu is, as always, adorable in his jammies

Patrick discovered that he could get balloons static-y on his head and then shoot them up to the ceiling by pulling on them. Those aren't helium balloons up there.

I graduated another Bradley class--four couples, and the first has already had their baby!

I like this picture of the kids together--Patrick is always protective of Kamu.

Then we went to Utah for Thanksgiving, whereupon the boys were showered with presents by Grandpa and Grandma M.

Melkamu sitting on his new sleeping bag.

Patrick spent a lot of time drawing on his new whiteboard, which was a brilliant gift!

Jason and Grandpa M relaxing prior to the birthday cake for all three of my guys.

Patrick and Grandma M.

The boys love their Grandma M!

We were in Nevada for part of Thanksgiving. This is Jason and Patrick climbing a hill behind the condo.

Melkamu in what Jason calls his "typical pose"--reaching up to be held with Elmo in one hand!

Jason took Kamu climbing up the hill later.

Patrick and Grandpa M on a 4-wheeler. Patrick's typical phrase: "YAHOO--GO FASTER, GRANDPA!!!"

Kamu and Uncle Adam relaxing after a 4-wheeler ride (for Adam, not Kamu. He's still too little.)

Patrick got a fishing pole for his birthday!

Patrick's party at the Children's Museum. (There was actually another table with more kids at it. It was fun but crazy!)

Little Carlton Banks? No, it's Kamu.

I managed to get a corneal abrasion and infection over Thanksgiving (it wasn't pinkeye), so I got new glasses. I actually like them! (And in another week, I'll be done with the antibiotic and steroid drops...finally.)

My guys are so cute!

Patrick finished another term of gymnastics. He doesn't want to do it again, but he had fun. He'll be doing tennis in the spring!


Jess said...

Love all the pics!! :)

Lisa said...

It sounds like things are going well. I'm so glad to hear. It was great to finally see pictures of the family (especially you)! I'm going to do everything within my power to send out pictures of the most adorable twins!

Anonymous said...

I love this post and all the great pics.. you look so cute with your new glasses, though I'm sorry that you had to get a yucky corneal abrasian.

Hope you guys have had an enjoyable holiday. Happy Hannakah.

Brea said...

Arizona looks like a beautiful place to visit. I've never been!