Sunday, November 30, 2008


The tidbits to munch on before I post about our wonderful Thanksgiving trip to visit Jason's parents (because I have to download photos):

1. It was a really wonderful trip. And Jason only lost $100 gambling in Mesquite! Which, coincidentally, is all he brought to lose gambling. Mind you, I won more than I lost...

2. My "profits" will be buying a new pair of shoes (pathetic though they are--you just don't win much at $5 Blackjack tables when you're only starting with $100)

3. I'm back on antibiotics. For pinkeye this time (but it's bacterial, not the viral that I thought I had (but didn't) several weeks ago). Thank goodness for doctors who will call in antibiotics prescriptions from 2000 miles away on a Sunday morning so that I didn't have to get on the plane in so much pain. And thank goodness for antibiotic eyedrops that work quickly enough that I could open my eye without wincing in (too much) pain within a few hours.

4. This is the third time I've been on antibiotics in a month. It's really sad.

I read this:

And this:

over Thanksgiving. Must go get Eclipse and Breaking Dawn tomorrow. Who's up for the movie of Twilight? I know I'm late to the party, but I'm here and would love to go see it. The books are mighty compelling.

6. I have heard from several friends from the past in the last few weeks--and feel absolutely thrilled! I hope that you're all here and reading, and will keep in touch!

7. We lost our diaper bag sometime in the last few weeks and realized it right before we left for Thanksgiving. This wouldn't be a big loss but for the fact that my soft-backpack carrier for Melkamu was in it. Sigh. I will be making a new one. It wasn't hard to make or expensive, but it's been so useful and the carrier that I had to use for him in the airports wasn't nearly as comfortable for either of us. But it's still better than traveling with a stroller.

8. OK, I'm off to finish my lecture for tomorrow. This is the last week of classes. Next week comes finals and then I'm done for the semester. I am taking off the entire week after that to do almost nothing and regain my health. I hope.


Anonymous said...

It's about time you got on the bandwagon. I have read Twilight 3x, and the rest 2x. I have seen the movie 4x and I am always up for another viewing. We should get a party started -- I think Heather would be willing to see it again (I don't think it would take much of an arm tug to get her to do so). My husband might be pretty close to having me committed but until the white truck takes me away to the padded room I am embracing my Cullenitis thoroughly.

Brea said...

I just finished Breaking Dawn. I think we could have a bookclub discussion about it!