Monday, November 10, 2008

Photos next time, promise

Our camera bit the big one, so our Halloween pictures are on a camera that Jason brought home from work. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with our camera dock and the memory card is too small for the slot on my computer at home, so I have to wait until he brings home the cord. Hopefully he did that today and I can get the pictures tonight.

I didn't believe the election results until I watched McCain's concession speech. Then I bounced around the living room with giddy excitement. I know it was poor manners but I felt such hope at that moment that I couldn't help it. I agreed with Obama's politics way more than I ever did with McCain's, so that makes me happy, and I am so thrilled that my children will grow up seeing that people can achieve their dreams no matter their color.

We just have to change that pesky "natural born citizen" thing in case Melkamu wants to be President. Patrick has already decided against it since he doesn't want to leave home to live in the "big White House." Even though he'd have to be 35 to be there. G-d help me if my sons still live at home at 35.

One of these years Jason and I will be healthy. We miss that. First it was my walking pneumonia that started with an annoying cough at the end of September and was finally diagnosed more than 3 weeks later (because I didn't go to the doctor until then). Then Jason got sick with something that sounded suspiciously like my walking pneumonia, but he never went to the doctor and so we'll never know. Then he immediately got an evil sinus-clogging cold, which I promptly developed and have been suffering with ever since. And now I think I might have viral pinkeye.

The boys have been sniffling and coughing a bit but nothing worse, which is encouraging. I don't know how they're avoiding getting the germs that Jason and I keep passing back and forth, but thank goodness for it.

Happy events and pictures that will soon be posted: Halloween, the shower some of my wonderful friends hosted to celebrate Melkamu, and the birthdays of everyone in my house except me over the next few weeks! Someday, perhaps, we will have a family member whose birthday is not within 2 weeks of a major holiday at the end of the year.

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wilisons said...

Good news for you, Melkamu can continue on his path to the presidency as long as Libby can be his VP. Children adopted by American citizens ARE eligible to become president. I think we can thank Clinton for that :-)

mom to 2 hopeful presidents