Monday, November 3, 2008

Anyone else feel actively sick about the election tomorrow?

I swear, if I could stick my head under my pillow and just leave it there for the next 36 hours, I would do it. I've never felt so scared about what the future could be in four years if this doesn't go the way I hope it will.

I am so glad I voted last week. The three hours that Patrick and I stood in line in the 40-degree weather were worth it.

And on a related, and somewhat surprising note, no one has either a) keyed my car, or b) stolen my Obama-Biden magnet off the back of it yet! Things in the area around my campus are so bad for those supporting Obama that they've been forced to nail the Obama signs about 8 feet up in trees if they are to have any hope of keeping them.

Just go vote. I know I don't agree with the political views of everyone who reads this, but please go vote either way. Until then, I will be cleaning my house in preparation for hosting my supper club tomorrow night--our theme is "Celebrate America!"

(Next up will be pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes, I promise.)


Jess said...

We voted today!! I'm glad we did because it was decently busy and we live in the middle of NOWHERE! :)

Can't wait for the Halloween pics!!

stephanie said...

I have not been keyed nor has our lawn sign been stolen either. And believe me, we live in McCain country.

I feel the same nervous sickness but I equate a lot of it to just pure excitement.

Catherine said...

My Obama sign was stolen the first day I put it up! But my magnets are still on the car.

Yes, I have never prayed so much about the outcome of an election. Are we to have continued intolerance and assault on civil liberties, or will we move forward as a nation toward true equality? We will see.

Christina said...

I've felt like I needed to upchuck all day. Let's go already!!!!

Meg said...

I'm stressed enough, I'm on the other side of the world! But it will happen. 93% of Melbournites think Obama will win tomorrow. I hope we're right.