Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Melkamu is two years old!

So let me tell you all about my big boy! He's so amazing. He's about 31 pounds and quite tall, only about a head shorter than Patrick. He's growing out of a few of his 2T shirts and the pants fit him perfectly. I suspect he'll be into 3T by spring. He is a bruiser and wants to be in the thick of anything that happens, whether it's the dogs playing or his big brother building with blocks. He wants to play all the time, especially if he can get you to chase him around and tickle him.

He's quite the toddler as well! Melkamu apparently realized that he was about to turn 2 and has been ramping up the production of important toddler phrases. Instead of shaking his head, now he says "No!" while shaking his head. This morning I heard the first "I do it!". And from the "mmmmmmmm" that comes out when he grabs something, I know that "Mine!" is not far behind. But along with those come the heart-melting ones, like "Up!" when he wants to be held and "Luh yu" (if you ask him to say "I love you"). He uses his strength to give incredibly strong and heartfelt hugs, and never fails to blow kisses after saying "Bye bye!"

Melkamu has turned into a little reader, which warms his mama's heart as the daughter of a librarian. Lately he insists on having a book in his crib with him so that he can "read" before going to sleep, just like Patrick does. His current favorites are his Elmo bath book, his Elmo lift-the-flaps book, and his Elmo puppet book. And Goodnight Moon. If he wants to hear a book, it's often Goodnight Moon, Elmo, Elmo, and Elmo. There might be a few more but I have to admit, I'm remembering why I was so glad that Patrick didn't fall victim to the siren's song of Elmo. Kamu also found the enormous Elmo doll that Patrick got at one point and has been dragging it around with him nonstop. The birthday card that Grandma and Grandpa M sent had Elmo on it and I had to convince Melkamu to leave it in the car when we got to daycare today--I'd been unable to convince him to leave it at home.

We had a great birthday party for Kamu the other day. It was a little insane but wonderful to be able to celebrate with our friends. I think there were 14 kids. I didn't try to plan games due to the ages of the kids, but they had a great time with the ball pit that was Kamu's birthday present from Bubbi and Grandpa G, as well as all the other toys around here. Today we sent cupcakes to school with Kamu and then went out for Ethiopian food to celebrate his birthday. As always, the people at Meskerem are the best and we had a wonderful dinner.

We got the first picture of this strong and handsome face 50 weeks and 1 day ago

We met this beautiful and terrified boy 8 months and 20 days ago

And today, we celebrated with this incredible angel who has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. He has us all wrapped around his little fingers and we are so happy to have him here with us.


Jess said...

He has grown SO MUCH! He's quite the handsome little guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- to see the tranformation in these pictures is shocking (in a good way); to have the privilege to celebrate his birthday this weekend with my children was a blessing for us all. He is such a wonderful and spirited little boy and we all look forward to many years of enjoyment with your sons (and their parents)!

Siobhan said...

Mom and dad got him a BALL PIT??? They are SO much better as grandparents than as parents. I bet they won't throw out his Barbies when he's 14, either.