Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sharing a room

Good parts about the kids sharing a room:

1. Have you seen how cute their room is? There's no way we could make two rooms cute like that. And that's even without it being painted!

2. I genuinely think they're closer because they share a room. We'll see how long that lasts, but it's great for now.

3. At the rate that Melkamu's growing, they'll be sharing clothes before long (Melkamu has recently started wearing 3T shirts, though he's still in 2T pants).

4. Patrick will sometimes entertain Melkamu for a little while in the mornings before they wake us up.

5. Only have to keep one room clear of clutter in case of nighttime trips to the bathroom!

6. The giggles that sometimes come down the stairs as they're supposed to be falling asleep.

Bad things about the kids sharing a room:

1. The giggles that sometimes come down the stairs as they're SUPPOSED to be falling asleep (though it really is hard to mind that).

2. If one kid wants a drink, then they BOTH want a drink. We just keep cups of water on the windowsill now.

3. If Patrick gets up to go to the bathroom, it sometimes wakes up Melkamu--who, since he is pretty well potty-trained, often wants to get up to go to the bathroom.

4. The other night we heard a very whiny "Kamu, please be quiet! I'm trying to go to sleep!"

5. Patrick is apparently insomniac extraordinaire tonight, because he WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP. Jason ran out about 30 minutes ago to get some dog food and took Patrick with him so that poor exhausted Melkamu could finally fall asleep. It's 10:20 and they're still out. It's a good thing Patrick can sleep in in the morning!

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