Monday, May 5, 2008

The boys' room and an update

When Patrick was an only child, it was pretty bland. Really bland. Truthfully, it was our guest room and he took it over because he preferred a bigger bed to the toddler bed. (And he "cleaned it up" one day during quiet time.)

Now the boys share a room. Patrick has a loft bed (the bottom bunk is in the basement for Melkamu when he's big enough) and Melkamu is in the crib.

The "cave" under Patrick's bed is a HUGE hit with both boys and friends alike. It's a cozy little reading nook. We love to read bedtime stories in there, and Kamu plays peek-a-boo with the blanket constantly!

There are other changes coming for the room. We bought some beautiful carvings to hang in the boys' room while we were in Ethiopia, and those will be hung on either side of the window. In all of my "free time" this summer (hahaha! Pardon me, my sides ache from laughing so hard), I'm making a new curtain with material that Patrick picked out--I know you'll all be shocked that it has dinosaurs on it. I'll also make a new covering for the "cave", since my mom made the blanket that's currently there and it's getting stretched out a bit as the boys sit on the end of it. I've got some material to make Kamu some new sheets for the crib, and I'm hoping to finally finish the blanket I started crocheting for him last summer, before we even knew who he was!

Note to the kids: take naps this summer. A lot of them. Looooooooooooooong naps. Every day.

A quick note--my boys are growing! We officially moved Kamu into 2T clothes, and Patrick is fully into 5T. It's hard to believe they're getting so big.
Even better--Melkamu took his first steps this week! I tricked him into taking the first couple: he was walking while holding my fingers and seemed pretty steady, so I slipped them out of his grasp and he took 2 steps and grabbed a chair! Since then, he's taken several more on his own. We're having him evaluated by Babies Can't Wait later this week because he's still got muscle development issues that need some help, but he's doing wonderfully!

Because he's finally starting to walk, his daycare moved him into the 1-year old classroom...even though he'll only be there for two more weeks. While I'm not sure how I feel about him having to make the adjustment for such a short period of time (mind you, he seems OK with it), I am glad that he's with kids his own age and his speed developmentally. I'm also glad that he'll at least get to know the room a bit, so that it won't be completely unfamiliar come August.
I suppose I can't delay grading those papers any longer. Only one more exam to give!


Jess said...

conngrsts on the stepping!!

Brea said...

Walking - how exciting!

Jess said...



(IMHO you're rather brave for having them share a room! I can NOT imagine Ava and Ethan sharing a room. Well, I just imagine a disaster and BOOM! There you have it! :) )