Friday, April 25, 2008

Why I never get things done anymore

First, the possums: after a bit of research, I learned that they are marsupials and actually give birth to jellybean-sized young that they carry in their pouch for months. Therefore, the ones that we saw were clearly NOT newborns. Later that night, I gently laid the trashcan down on its side. A few minutes later, the possum came out and wandered away. I checked to make sure no babies had been left behind, but that was the end of our possum adventure.

Next: having two kids is harder than one. I know, quite the newsflash! But while I know instinctively that having two kids is harder than one anyway, Melkamu's personal desires make it a bit trickier.

If you ever have trouble saying Melkamu (which is, incidentally, pronounced Mel-KAH-moo), you can call him by my new nickname for him:

Meet Master Destructo

Oh sure, he looks cute and sweet, with a dimpled grin that could make anyone melt--but he leaves behind him a trail of destruction and detritus that would make President Bush proud.

Did I just write that? Huh. As a side note, I've discovered that it's sometimes important to discuss politics with a 4-year old. One day Patrick said that President Bush was saving the world. I couldn't let that one go. (He can also tell you who's running for president--the other day, I got to play Barack Obama and he played John McCain. They apparently like to play with dinosaurs.)
Anyway, Master Destructo (0r MD for short--perhaps a future career?) keeps me busy cleaning up after him. He has, within the past two days:

1. Knocked over the art container that has loose stickers, pipe cleaners, crayons, and other crafty things--and spread it all over the floor in both the dining room AND the kitchen

2. Taken out anything that resides in the Passover cabinet in the kitchen, not once or twice, but at least four times

3. Removed all of the items stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator door at least three times

4. Gleefully thrown everything out of the recycling bin on the back deck at least three times.

5. Taken all of the items that Patrick deemed necessary for a trip to see the hairdresser out of Patrick's backpack (cut for Patrick, highlights and cut for me, and general exclamations of cuteness for Melkamu)--this included about 50 million dinosaurs, several farm animals, cars, small stuffed animals, and four books...OK, a bunch of them were for Melkamu but he didn't limit himself to those items

6. Pawed through the laundry basket, removing all of the laundry as he went

7. Flipped most of the Tupperware out of the cabinet in which it's kept

8. Oh, and occasionally actually taking out toys that are MEANT to be taken out, like those from the shape-sorter

He's very good-natured about it, and will even occasionally--VERY occasionally--put things back when he's done. I spent half the week with both he and Patrick, since Patrick's school was closed for Passover, and a good portion of the time was spent putting away the things that he took out. Patrick will even sometimes put away things that Kamu takes out, though he prefers to just tell me ("Mama, Kamu's taking the milk bottles out of the 'cycling again!").

Ironically, Melkamu has a major problem with letting me unload the dishwasher and put things away. Every time I try, he comes over and closes the dishwasher. I think he has a moral objection to the orderliness of the dishes when it's done.


Jess said...


I find that two is more than double to work, do you agree?

That was a bit of a surprise to me, though. I thought...huh, two will be double. Notsomuch. :)

Lisa said...

Don't you remember what it is like to have a toddler? I am laughing with you and at you since I am in your shoes and both of them are toddlers...


jane said...

we are definately in the 'take everything out' stage as well! i feel like we made huge head way this week b/c i taught elisha to hand me the strewn objects to me as i said a dramatic thank you... i almost got everything put away before he started pulling it back out.... one day...

familyinflux said...

They do sound very cute,though!!
Just stopping by to see if you would like us to bring those items to AHOPE. We leave this Saturday...I can't believe it! Call or email me either way.

Brea said...

Sounds like you've got a certifiable toddler! All the destruction can be overwhelming. I still get overwhelmed by it at times. Good thing they're so cute, huh?

Emily said...

Master Destructo would do well here in "the ARK" as I'm calling it these days. So it's not the ATL... Ellie and Lauren would welcome him to come and help them in their never ending quest to keep the Tupperware cabinet free of all Tupperware. I am so excited to meet Mstr. D when we visit (hopefully soon....). On a side note, I totally can't believe you didn't know about Barak Obama and his dinosaurs...

Anonymous said...

You crack me up.

Catherine and Dustin said...

WOW! All I can say is WOW! I am like you. I know logically in my brain that two will be more than one but I don't think I have real understanding of how much it will be...scary!