Sunday, October 11, 2009

You can pick apples off a tree? How amazing!

The Patrick quote that is the title above is the major reason that we NEEDED to get away this weekend. Despite the call for rain, we decided to go camping--and hey, when hasn't it been raining lately?
So we went camping in the north Georgia mountains.
It was gorgeous.
We'd been there all of 10 minutes before Patrick made a friend. Actually, it may not have been a full 10 minutes.
Kamu likes camping, especially the eating part.
We played at the playground before dinner.
It poured on us that night but we stayed dry in our tent, and it only drizzled on and off the next day. It was chillier the next day but still nice.
We decided to drive over the mountains to another place to hike. On the way, we passed a place to pick apples and stopped (at which point Patrick made the above statement).
Then we continued to Amicalola Falls to hike. The last time I hiked there was at an Emory MSP department retreat when I was 8 months pregnant with Patrick.
And yes, I did do these stairs down and back up while pregnant. This time, we started at the bottom and went up.
It was just as gorgeous as I remembered.
And yet, somehow cuter...
The view from the top was incredible. And then we went back down. All of us had sore legs, but it was such a wonderful weekend that it was worth it.


Jess said...

Your boys are ADORABLE. Glad you had a good time!!

Seestor said...

Remind me to show the kids "Deliverance" when you guys come up for the holidays. It'll give them a whole new, um, APPRECIATION for camping in Georgia.

trmills said...

Wow, I miss those fall vistas. Way to seize the day. Patrick and Kamu are such handsome brothers and are very blessed to have experiences like this!