Friday, December 21, 2007

The amusement that is Patrick continues

The visit with Santa could have been worse. A few days earlier, Patrick and I were at the grocery store. The cashier asked if Santa would stop at our house and Patrick said yes, he'd been good. She asked what he would leave for Santa and Patrick clammed up. I said "What about cookies?"

He said "Uh huh. And beer."

I started snickering. "Did Daddy tell you that's what Santa wants?"

"Yes," he answered, perfectly seriously.

So it could have been worse--Santa asked if Patrick would be nice enough to leave him some cookies and milk, and thankfully Patrick didn't mention the beer to him.

It's killing me that Patrick keeps saying that Santa is bringing him balls. I know exactly what he wants--it's a huge ball set that they have at the Children's Museum (lifts, pneumatic tubes, tracks, etc), and he knows that Santa can't bring him the same thing because it won't fit down the chimney--but all he keeps saying is that he wants balls.

We've ordered him a MarbleWorks set that will hopefully be here in time. I just hope he doesn't see it and start talking about playing with his balls...

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Catherine and Dustin said...

This is hilarious!!! I am sure our Santa here would like cookies and beer too!