Thursday, December 27, 2007

Furious with Discovery Toys Company!

I paid for expedited shipping on Patrick's MarbleWorks set. It was $20+, but I really wanted him to get it for Christmas. I told him that Santa might not be able to fit it onto his sleigh, but he would get it here soon after Christmas. That way, if it didn't get here in time, he would be OK with that. And he was.

Now it's been a week since I placed the order and it's still not here. I tried their on-line tracking service, and it said there wasn't any for that order. So I called their 800 number and it says they're CLOSED UNTIL JANUARY THIRD! I am absolutely livid. I should have been told that the order wasn't going to ship for a FULL TWO WEEKS after I ordered it, and I damned sure wouldn't have paid so much for shipping. I sent them an e-mail, saying that I expected them to contact me before it ships. I want an explanation as to why they didn't tell a customer who clearly wanted the item quickly that they weren't going to even mail it for several weeks.

Just needed to vent. I hate that my son is disappointed yet again. I feel like the only thing I've done lately is to disappoint him.

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Handlyrics said...

WOW. Especially since its the holidays. They need to refund the expedited shipping fees to you.