Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Valentine's Day gift ever

An update on Melkamu and a fourth picture! We hadn't gotten an update since the beginning of January (though there was a new photo on his birth certificate), and then it was a picture + his measurements. This time we got a full evaluation of him at 14 months, 5 days old! Our baby just gets cuter every time we see him. I just want to nuzzle those cheeks. And his eyes--oh my gosh, his eyes are so beautiful I can hardly believe it! I have two sons with the most beautiful brown eyes and longest eyelashes ever. I can't wait to see him smile, as he's not smiling in any of the pictures that we have.

The update told us that he's up to 21 lbs and 31" tall, so he's been growing a ton since getting to the care center (he started at 17 lbs 5 oz and just under 30" tall) three months ago. He's still not walking on his own, but he is pulling to stand and will walk holding on. Since children in Ethiopia tend to walk later than children in the U.S. anyway, we're not particularly surprised. I would imagine that he'll be running around the house chasing the dogs in no time. I'm not sure what that will do to daycare, though, since the kids need to be walking well to be in the 1-year-old room (it's really more like a 15 month-24 month room). You know what, though? We'll figure it out later. I refuse to stress out about something over which I have absolutely zero control, like when my child walks. And since I plan on carrying him as much as he'll let me--which, as I recall from Patrick, wasn't a whole lot at that age--it may still be a while. I need that snuggle time as much as he does!

He's a chatterbox, though. Even in his one-year evaluation, he was using 2 words together "meaningfully", not just babbling random words. He still is, and he's still described as understanding new words weekly, understanding feelings, combining gestures with words, vocalizing with expression, etc. Somehow, in some realm, I think he knew his family would be big talkers and that he needed to start early in order to get a word in edgewise!

Since his last evaluation at a week past his birthday, he's developed new skills: turning the pages of books, stacking two cubes, scribbling, using a cup, and trying to use a spoon. He was already putting marbles into a bottle and taking them back out, and stacking cups in each other. He sounds so perfect, even with the "yes" written by "occasionally tantrums when displeased" on both evaluations.

I can't believe that I'll be in Ethiopia two weeks from today. I alternate between elation, panic, and being on the verge of tears. This is really happening--in just a couple of weeks, I'll have both of my boys.

Here is the progression of pictures:


Catherine and Dustin said...

Congratulations!! He is adorable and I can't imagine the excitement you are feeling right now!!!

Have a wonderful trip!

Brea said...

I was just looking at Melkamu's pictures and Brennan wanted to know his name. I just told him and he said, "that's Melkamu." :)

I'll bet you cait wait to kiss those cheeks! He just sounds amazing.

Jess said...

Oooh, look at those eyes! And that hair! And ooooh, how he's chubbed up!

I didn't walk till 14 mo, so I'm sure the walking is nothing to worry over. When he gets home, he'll be so eager to check out whatever Patrick is doing that he'll walk in no time.


wilisons said...

Oh, is he ever adorable! He has Libby beat for both weight and height and he is a month younger.
Don't worry about the walking, kids catch up fast! Even if he isn't walking, Libby can teach him how to climb into trouble.

Enjoy the craziness and excitement before travel. It is all part of this wonderful journey. Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do!


pat2006 said...


Love the pics! Addison didn't walk until she was 14 months. She's now18 months and is running like a pro! You're right in thinking that you will appreciate the time you have to carry him around. Cuddle time before the ability to walk (and run away from you) is priceless!