Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just call me Superwoman

I woke up at 6:15 this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep--unsurprisingly, I had an awful lot of thoughts racing around my head. I finally got up at 7 to shower. Between the end of my shower and 12:30 p.m., I did all of the following:

1. Got Patrick up, dressed, read him a story, made sure he ate breakfast, played ball with him, found his yarn pig, helped him find a show-and-tell object that began with a "U" (The Ugly Duckling), reinstalled his carseat in Jason's car, and got him off to school with Jason.

2. Went up to Gwinnett County Court to file something for Jason.

3. Stopped at the post office and overnighted a payment (almost missed that one--oops!)

4. Stopped at both of our banks separately to deposit/transfer money around.

5. Grocery shopped at the farmer's market and put away all the groceries.

6. Made an appointment for the dogs to have their annual appointment and get vaccinations.

7. Made them a reservation at the kennel for the days we will be gone.

8. Got all my classes rearranged/covered for the time I will be gone.

9. Talked to both of my department chairs about the time I'll be gone.

10. Asked my Bradley teacher if she would cover my class for the Sunday that I will be gone, as a possible option for my students.

11. Made daycare arrangements for Melkamu at Patrick's old daycare--he will have the same teachers that Patrick had in the 1-year-old classroom and they are thrilled that we will be bringing Melkamu to them. They're perfectly willing to work out arrangements for him to only be there a couple of days a week, which is a big relief. I was pretty sure they would (they're wonderful, and it's a family-owned center daycare), but it's nice to know for sure that they have room and that it will work out.

12. Oh yeah, and called the travel agent. Our tickets are currently confirmed and we'll book them officially tomorrow. We'll leave on the 27th and be back on Friday, March 7th.

After that, I slowed down and:

1. Graded papers for my class tonight.

2. Wrote both of the midterms that I'm giving next week.

3. Gathered our library books.

4. Dropped off the things from this morning at Jason's office and signed a bunch of papers (don't ask me, I have no idea what I was signing. You'd think my lawyer wouldn't let me do that, but oh well!)

5. Picked up Patrick at school.

6. Went to the library and got new library books for both of us.

7. Ironed a bunch of clothes.

I still have office hours + a lab to teach tonight. During my office hours, I intend to start writing the test that I'm "giving" on the 28th. Wednesdays are late nights for me, and I don't expect I'll sleep a whole lot better tonight!

Superwoman is exhausted.


Heather & Adam said...

I got tired just reading this!
If you can do all this, chasing 2 boys should be cake!
Love ya.

Laura said...

Do you need to borrow my Supergirl costume? Jeesh... I'm exhausted just READING this! I thought I had a rough morning b/c Max woke up wanting juice at 5 before going back to sleep until 6:30!

Erin, my superhero. :)

Anonymous said...

I just got around to checking my bookmarked links and to my surprise I discovered your wonderful news. We are so happy for you guys. I will put together a small goody bag of stuff for the orphanage and bring them by to you before you leave if that is ok? Btw, do you take Mothering Magazine? If not I have some articles I think you would like for your Bradley Class.
Take Care!
Scott, Melanie, and Emily