Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disney redux

Day 2 at Disney followed pretty much the same pattern as Day 1. Get up, eat waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse for breakfast (for the kids, anyway), and go to the Magic Kingdom. Have a fantastic time, go back to hotel for naps and dinner, go back to park until they throw us out. Blah, blah, blah ;-)

It was really too bad that Patrick was so upset to go back on Day 2.

Melkamu also. What awful parents we were to make them go again.

We dragged them onto the race cars...

...and then Dumbo...

...and then onto the tea cups.

Don't they look sad about it?

Well, this just goes without saying...

Then, just to be nice about it, we took them to see Mickey. I think I'll let those pictures speak for themselves.

Kamu floated out of there, I swear it. He was as giddy as any child has ever been.

Unfortunately, he was also a little worn out and needed a bit of a nap.

Then we hit the park again for the night!

Before Philhar-Magic. During and after would have featured Melkamu crying because he was worried about Donald Duck.

Patrick loved getting to walk through Cinderella's Castle as the last thing we did at Disney.

Our final view of the park.

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