Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sea World

I'm FINALLY posting pictures of our last day in Florida. Finally. It was at the beginning of June. Then I can FINALLY post pictures of our trip to Costa Rica.
We were all a little burned out of the excitement of amusement parks by the third day. Sea World was enough of a change to help, but we were all tired by then and made it a pretty short day.
We enjoyed the dolphin show...
...and then visited the dolphins from below and close up. The kids were both fascinated by seeing them so close!
Patrick LOVED the stingrays, and has forgiven me for dropping his sunglasses into their tank (we couldn't get them out).
We all enjoyed the alligators/crocodiles/whichever they were. I am not a marine biologist.
I particularly like penguins. They're so cute and waddle-y.

But no one enjoyed anything as much as Jason enjoyed the sharks. He has a lot of professional respect for them. (And as an aside, hearing Melkamu say "Shark! Yikes!" is adorable.)
The sea dragons were pretty cool, I have to admit.
And the kids enjoyed the other dangerous fish in the exhibit.
Kamu made it until we were sitting down for the Shamu show before he conked out. He slept through the entire thing. I was so glad I had the carrier with us for afterwards, so that I could just pop him on my back instead of trying to get my grumpy guy to walk.
The show was fantastic! Actually, all the shows were really good. Jason and I were impressed with how much choreography they've done compared to the shows we remember from our visits when we were little. They really kept the kids' attention and excitement!
Shamu is freaking huge, even compared to the other orcas they had in the show.
It was a really great trip. We were so glad that we had the time to go this summer!

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trmills said...

This looks like so much fun. I'm really glad you got to go. Emmy was fascinated and has put it on her list of 'magical things to do in America'...