Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Conference comedy

I was in line waiting for some popcorn at the conference today--even scientists need afternoon snacks.  The popcorn was popping and so we were standing there for a little while.  The people in the group a little ways behind me started talking about the popcorn maker: "Wow, they're so great."  "We should get one at work!"  "Yeah, we could say it's for testing different types of popcorn to get it approved!"

The guy directly behind me, who had been considering an ice cream from the freezer and was not looking at the group, said "Just make sure you don't get any of that genetically-modified corn!"

At that moment, I happened to turn around and saw the nametags on the group of people discussing popcorn.  Our nametags have our institution of company on them.  What I saw made me look twice.

From where did the popcorn-lovers hail, you might ask?


I snickered all the way to my next symposium.

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Christina said...

Ha. I giggled a lot with this one.