Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of spring at the Morrey home

The signs of spring abound at our house.  Despite the pollen coating EVERY. FREAKING. THING, and associated allergy-type reactions (that are thankfully few in our home), spring is still my favorite time of year in Georgia. 

Patrick is playing soccer for the first time this year.  He scored a goal in his second game!  They get slaughtered every week but the kids are having a great time and are actually getting noticeably better each time.  Plus, two of his best friends are on the team, plus another boy from his class that he likes a lot.  Go Panthers!

A new "tradition" (can it be a tradition if it was only the second year?) is the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, hosted by our lovely friends the Petts.  It was a truly enjoyable day--beautiful weather, even better friends, and a fun time for all kids and adults alike.
This is also the second year that I've participated in Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society.  We have a health sciences club at our school, of which I'm one of the faculty advisors, and we partnered with the honor society to raise money this year.  I also brought the kids with me and they had a fantastic time.  I've promised that next year we will set up the tent and stay "until midnight!", as Patrick has gleefully requested.  (As a side note, the kids went 6 laps around the track, running most of them and not getting home until about 10 p.m., and still had enough energy for a 9 a.m. soccer game and a birthday party the next day.  I was worn out.)

Ah, the seedlings.  As usual, I started them too late and they're puny but coming along.  I'm hoping that I can transplant them into their final containers by May and get a decent harvest this year.  The new heat mat and grow lamp are definitely helping.  There are others beyond these, but these are some of the most advanced.  Today I am soaking beans so that they can go in tomorrow!

The laundry racks have taken up their semi-permanent residence on the back porch ;-)  Melkamu loves playing on the porch and there are always toys out there.  Both he and Patrick are currently back in thrall with Weebles.

The strawberries are back.  I planted 3 last year, which expanded to 6, and planted 3 new ones this year.  We should actually have a decent crop of strawberries this year!  Of course, we tend to eat them immediately, so there won't be any jams or anything.  Hey Aunt Meg, we love you...!

And the flowers are just lovely this time of year.  Both Patrick and Melkamu "helped" with their plantings--Patrick actually helped pull weeds and dig holes, while Kamu helped by asking me to hand him every worm I found so that he could re-home them near the strawberries.  He decided that it needed the most help.

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