Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who switched my children?

Scene in the house this morning: Kamu had crawled into bed with Jason and I at some point last night, so I'm squashed between the two of them.  The alarm goes off (we have it set to the radio).  I hate when the alarm goes off.  It's insanely irritating, so I usually get right up and flip it off.  Even when Kamu gets into our bed, he wakes up as soon as it does and so I can easily get up and turn it off.

This morning, Kamu didn't wake up.  He grumbled a bit but no more than that.  Jason took his own sweet time getting up; meanwhile, I'm between the two of them, gritting my teeth and wishing I could throw something at the stupid radio because I can't get up (they truly had me pinned).  Jason FINALLY gets up and goes to wake up Patrick.  I hop up and turn off the radio.

Kamu is still not up, so I crawl back into the bed and start munching on his arm to get him to wake up.  He grumbles some more and turns over away from me.  "Kamu, it's time to get up."  "Ehhhhhhhhhh....." and more grumbling.

"Melkamu, you have to get up.  It's a school day!"

Grumble, grump.  "I no want get up.  I seepy."  Hide under the pillow.

Patrick bounces in, stage left.  Patrick is normally the child who has to be dragged out of bed but he is smiling, happy, and wide awake this morning.  "Good morning Mama!  I woke up when Daddy came to get me!"

"Good morning Patrick!  Kamu, you've got to get up."  Uncover the smallest child and throw the pillow to the foot of the bed.

Crying ensues.  Pitiful, pitiful crying, interspersed with "But I SEEPY!!!"

It was a complete 180 from our normal mornings.  I can only wonder what the rest of the day will bring...

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