Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NaBloPoMo 17--I think I can, I think I can

I feel like the little engine that could...I think I can make it through NaBloPoMo. I hope. I'm desperate and soliciting for topics to write about in the coming days! (I don't think that type of solicitation can get you arrested, so I should be OK.) Anything you really want to know about us? Light and fluffy questions as well as deep and heavy questions welcome.

We leave a week from today to go to Mom and Dad M's for Thanksgiving. We always have a great time out there and can't wait to see everyone. We fly into and out of Las Vegas and this year are spending the night at Treasure Island. The boys cannot wait! Just this morning, Kamu poked his bottom lip out and said "I wanna go see Grampa." It was so nice to be able to say that we are leaving in a week.

We'll also be going up to NY for the winter holidays (OK, Christmas, since Hanukkah is over by then). We're driving up there. It's a long drive but actually only about 2 hours longer than going to south Florida, and I took the boys there by myself over my last spring break. The only factor could be the weather. We're hoping for nice and clear driving conditions with very little snow or ice.

Can anyone say "filler"?

I taught Melkamu to say "ostentatious" the other day. There are some houses near us that just put up these wrought iron fences around them, and they have these enormous gold medallions on them. We were driving by and Kamu said "What's that?" and I felt that ostentatious was the best word to describe them.

OK, I'm done driveling. Questions please, I beg you!


Gina said...

So... possible topics...

Best memory from college
Best dating memory
Worst/funniest dating memory (how often those two overlap!)
Food you miss the most from childhood.
What would you be doing if you weren't doing what you're doing.
Random things you want to do/learn.

Bonus: Best "getting my little drunk on jello shots on a Monday night" story :)

ErinM said...

What makes you think I have a "getting my little drunk on jello shots on a Monday night story?" ;-) I disavow any knowledge of any such incident which may or may not have occurred.

Jess said...

Hahahaha!! LOVE the house story. Gold medalions, huh? Fancy!

I'll take any kind of topic. What's your favorite type of music? Favorite season? Is it hard living as a two-faith family?

You are a two-faith family, yes? Or did I make that up?

Kevin Gallagher said...

Dear Erin:
Knowing the houses in your general area, I think that using ostentatious was very appropriate, and a word that Melkamu will (sadly) probably find very helpful fairly often. A suggested topic for a future blog: things that don't cause you any porblems. (Yes, the spelling is correct!) Love, Dad G.

Anonymous said...

Ostentatious indeed! But thanks to them a wonderful new word has been collected by M!

How about:
Top Ten Favorite Things About the Harry Potter series
Letter You'd Write to Your Junior High Self
Letter You'd Write to Your High School Senior Self
Letter You'd Write to Your 60 Year Old Self (hopes, questions, etc)
Your take on the Twilight phenomenon (if you've read the series, that is)
I came across this saying recently:"People make mistakes; mistakes don't make people." What's a mistake you have made and learned from?
And in honor of blogs--what was the first blog(s) you read? What drew you to them? What bloggers were/are you most in awe of and why?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your various tidbits today, by the way, and your holiday plans sound wonderful and the stuff of great memories for you and the kids.

A few more:
You receive a million dollars--tax free to donate to any cause(s) and/or needy beneficiaries you wish. What do you do?

You receive a million dollars to be spent exclusively on non practical and indulgent items for you and your family. What do you do?

You receive a million dollars to be spent exclusively on travel. How do you spend it?


stephanie said...

Heh, love the ostentatious comment!

Can you share how you are raising the boys as it pertains to both religions. I'm stumped which is why we've done nothing yet.

Seestor said...

Perhaps you could do a photo montage of your greatest childhood fashion moments. If you can work in a picture of your Richard Marx vinyl album earrings, I will be very happy.

You could also do a post on your favorite sister and why she's the best human being on earth. That one really just writes itself.

ErinM said...

They were NELSON earrings, not Richard Marx. Duh.