Thursday, November 26, 2009

NaBloPoMo 24--The missing days

Alas, my streak broke when we were getting ready for our trip!  I could have decided to only get an hour of sleep on Monday night and get a blog post written, but decided the extra 30 minutes would be important.  As it turns out, 6 hours of sleep spread out over 2 nights still wasn't enough.  Go figure.  On the bright side, I did get all my work done and brought nothing work-related to Utah, so I'm enjoying the vacation without the worry of work!

The flight out here wasn't too bad.  Our flight was set to leave at 7:30, which is normally when the kids go to bed.  We didn't get to the airport as early as we'd planned, though we were still at our gate before our flight boarded.  However, we didn't have enough time to wait in one of the long lines to get food.  We bought a few snacks but I figured that we'd just buy some food on the plane (though I hate the fact that they charge so much for it).  To my surprise, AirTran does not have food even to purchase on their planes.  Hungry and tired children do not make a happy combination.  Then we had to beg people to switch around seats because they'd seated all 4 of us separately and wouldn't help us get them moved when I asked at the gate; after the moves, Kamu and I were together and Jason and Patrick were together.  It worked OK, but we did have several people who didn't want to move.  I seriously wanted to ask the AirTran people if they expected other people to take care of our children on the flights.  Last time we flew Delta and were assigned seats apart, they were happy to help get us seated together.  AirTran fail #2.

Jason and Patrick played some Uno for a while, and Kamu and I read some stories.  Then Kamu was finally ready to sleep.  I asked for a blanket, because Melkamu was cold, and was told that AirTran doesn't have blankets or pillows either!  I was appalled at their lack of service. 

I don't think we'll be flying AirTran again.

Thankfully, I had my sweatshirt and used that as a blanket for him.  He slept on my leg most of the way, and Patrick slept on Jason most of the way--which meant that Jason and I also got to sleep most of the way.  We finally got to Las Vegas, exhausted but happy to see Mom and Dad M.  We spent the night at Treasure Island (the kids were disappointed that their pirate show is not going currently but really enjoyed seeing the ships) and then spent the next morning wandering around some of the hotels.  The Venetian is so cool!

Mom, the kids, and I came back to the house while Dad and Jason went to get Adam at the airport.  We got all settled in and the kids got to open their birthday presents--needless to say, they've been having an awesome time here!

I'll post lots of pictures when we get back and will probably post more then also.  Until then, have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

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Jess said...

I hate AirTran. Glad you had a safe trip, though!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)