Monday, November 9, 2009

NaBloPoMo 9--Vocals

Patrick said his first word, Dada, at 8 1/2 months.  Melkamu said his first English word, Mama, shortly after we came home.  Jason's a lawyer, he clearly knows how to talk. 

Me, I would like to be able to start talking again.  Now.  Because it's hard to do this professor thing without a voice.

I had a cold last week, just a normal cold.  I felt lousy for about 2 days and felt pretty good on Friday...until that evening, when I could feel the tell-tale signs that my voice was going to go out.  Could I have stopped talking then?  Not really, since we (read: my fellow co-advisors and I) had taken our health sciences club to an exhibit and they kept asking us a lot of questions.  I skipped shul on Saturday morning, by which point my voice was fully gone, figuring that at least then I wouldn't be tempted to talk to my friends.  But none of my voice came back and I spent all of Saturday night chit-chatting and having a grand old time with my raspy, squeaky voice.

Unsurprisingly, my voice wasn't even remotely better yesterday morning.  I tried not to talk all day but yeah, like that was going to happen, and then I had to teach my Bradley class last night.

Today: two lectures--done.  I rasped and squeaked my way through them.  I even let the second one out 10 minutes early because my voice was gone and I couldn't do anything else.  What a surprise--today, I've already had 3 students in my office during office hours.  I can't tell you how often NO ONE shows up but today, when I have no voice, they're all coming by.

Choir rehearsal tonight: I'll be there, oh I will be there.  But I will be sitting in the audience and taking notes on my music without saying a word.  Lessons and Carols is in less than a month and we only meet once a week until the week of the performances.  (And yes, you COMPLETELY want to be there.)

If you happen to find out who stole my voice, I need it back.  I really need it back.  Help!

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