Monday, November 2, 2009

NaBloPoMo 2--Disney on Ice: The Aftermath

Disney on Ice was SO MUCH FUN!  I'd never been to an ice show like that before, or at least not that I remember, and the kids were extra-excited about it.  I strongly, hugely, absolutely recommend it to everyone if you have Mouse fans in your family.

We were invited to the VIP event by Mom Central but unfortunately, due to traffic, we were late and missed the visit by Mickey.  I was disappointed mostly for Kamu, since he loves Mickey so much.  But he didn't know he missed it and so he wasn't upset about it.  We met some lovely Atlanta bloggers who were there and enjoyed chatting with them about the blog world.  I need to add more of their links to my sidebar!

Then we went into the show.  Since Patrick's fiancee Snow White Sophie was there with her family, we met up with them for a minute.  Don't they make a cute couple?  You're all invited to the wedding, to be held someday after we allow them to start dating.  In 2030.  Or later.

Melkamu, my child who doesn't normally fall asleep until close to 9 p.m. when we're at home, was sleepy even before the show started at 7:30 (normal bedtime for both kids).  He cuddled close the entire show but really enjoyed seeing all the characters.

We were treated to a preview of The Princess and the Frog before the show began.  It looks like such a fun movie and we can't wait to go see it--especially since Disney will have their first African-American princess, Princess Tiana.  She starred in the ice show and we got to hear some of the music from the movie.  Very jazzy and bouncy--it was great! 

The show was a lot of fun.  It was Disney on Ice: Celebrations, which was the same theme from when we were in Disney this summer.  The Halloween dance medley was absolutely spectacular!  I'm not a big fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas but Jack was the host of a party and they had all the bad characters from other movies show up for his party--Cruella DeVille, Captain Hook, and many others.

The other favorite for both Patrick and I was the Hawaiian luau at the beginning of the second half.  It was so exciting and energetic!  We loved seeing the dancing and skating.

Patrick could NOT be kept in his seat the entire show.  He was either right on the edge or standing up the whole time.

Kamu rocked out to the music while cuddled up on my lap.  He loved it!

If Disney on Ice is coming to a place near you, I strongly recommend it.  We thought it was a really great show!


stephanie said...

Wow! Love that everyone had such a great time! Question... How much money did you spend on souvenirs? We spent $8 on an Elmo balloon that popped before we got home.

ErinM said...

We spent $20 to get one of the swirly light-up thingies (the kids are sharing it). It's still going and the kids still play with it, so it wasn't TOO bad. But they were REALLY expensive, weren't they?